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If you are searching for durable and versatile, but still unique and elegant steel garden edging, you’re in the right place. South East Landscaping is specialised in providing the best steel garden edging services on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

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Expert Steel Garden Edging Design & Installation, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Every landscaper knows the importance of a well-maintained and nicely arranged garden.

Steel edging is becoming an increasingly popular solution among homeowners nowadays.

What makes it an attractive choice is undoubtedly its strength, versatility, weather resistance, and above all, a rustic look of steel, which makes your garden look even more charming.

Ideal for both flat and sloping surfaces, steel garden edging allows you to create straight lines or curves. Not only does it look unusual and glamorous, but it can also be very useful-by keeping your plants in place. Here are a few more things you can use it for:


  • If you are tired of the constant maintenance of your garden, steel edging might be a perfect solution, as it requires low maintenance.
  • It’s also ideal for marking off a particular part of your property.
  • It allows you to create a perfect corner of the garden everyone will admire.
  • Having a tidy path around your house shows how much you care about your property.
  • Steel edging is also an excellent choice for border feature plants or trees.
What are the benefits of steel edging?
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Steel edges do not require excessive maintenance, but it doesn’t mean they don’t work hard. So, let’s see the benefits of having perfect steel edging in your garden:


  • It’s weather-resistant, so it won’t crack or rot in cold weather.
  • It remains sturdy and in place, no matter how extreme weather conditions are (frosts, excessive rains).
  • It offers you an elegant solution to separate garden beds, grass, and paths.
  • It keeps garden materials, such as mulch and gravel, in one place.
What metal is best for garden edging?
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The commonly used materials are steel and aluminium. If you want the best for your investment, then you should be considering steel. It’s resistant to all weather conditions, it holds its shape despite the ground movement, and it’s practically timeless. The only defect is that it erodes, but this process is so slow that it takes for about 40 years to rust through.

On the other hand, aluminium garden edging is the number one choice for the people who value appearance more than quality. It doesn’t rust, it’s softer than steel, and it’s the right choice for curvaceous installations.

Steel Garden Edging project 2, Mornington Peninsula
Steel Garden Edging project 6, Mornington Peninsula

How to install landscape steel edging?

The package usually contains long strips of two meters and above. The standard heights go from three to five inches high. For longevity and stability, it’s best to immerse it two to three inches below grade; that’s enough to retain gravel or mulch.

Before the installation, you should check the soil first. If it’s soft, you can use a wood block to pound it to the desired depth, but if it’s hard, you should dig a narrow ditch in which to bury edging. Some steel edgings come with built-in anchors, which makes installation even more comfortable.

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