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Are you looking for top experts in landscape edging? Look no further than South-East Landscaping located on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. We’re committed to offering industry-leading services to all of our clients, from the beginning of the consultation and design process through the entirety of construction and installation. When you select SEL as your landscape edging provider, you’re choosing a company with the highest level of care and quality.

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What is Landscape Edging?

Every lawn, yard and driveway have elements of structure and individual planning to it, but they can all be too easily lost in the shuffle. Landscape edging is the perfect way to reinforce these lines and draw clear distinctions between separate areas of lawn, garden, yard and other landscape areas around your property. 

Embracing the distinct spaces of the landscape is the key to establishing purpose and beauty in design, whether you’re delineating a classic flower bed, a functional garden for fruits and vegetables, or a cozy area to sit and relax. 

In adding proper edging to areas like these, you can make them stand out individually at the same time as you tie them together with a connecting element that remains consistent across your yard.

The practical benefits of landscape edging are also significant. It’s far too easy for mulch to get tracked across your lawn or moved about by inclement weather, and proper edging helps minimise the likelihood of unfortunate messes. Edging will also help to ensure that mowers never cross over into your garden and cause damage to your valued plants. 

Uses of Landscape Edging

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The distinct lines created by edging prove the most obvious when separating the lawn and garden, but they can also be used effectively for the borders of trees, shrub beds, flowers, patios, driveways and much more.

Practically, landscape edging protects your garden areas from troublesome grass growing in overtime. If you have any pathways of gravel, mulch, or stone, edging can help maintain clean walkways with even the loosest path materials.

No matter what usage you have in mind, there’s an option that will fit your personal aesthetic, with a wide variety of materials and installation possibilities. Our experts can assist in your decision-making process, merging your unique vision with their relevant knowledge and flexibility.

Landscape Edging Styles

Designing a landscaping project on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria

One of the most critical concerns for your choice of landscape edging is the other variety of hardscaping you may have in your lawn, garden or yard. If you already have a unifying selection of materials, it may be best to match the edging with it to avoid clutter in design.

Edging can involve seamlessly integrated materials like stone, brick, and pavers, or even less traditional options like glass, tile, or metal to complement other accents in the area.

Fencing is a great option to incorporate a design with arbours, pergolas, or trellises in the area.

No matter what your pre-existing design is, there’s always a way to involve beautiful landscape edging on your property smoothly.

Creating The Landscape of Your Dreams


We know that every outdoor space can be transformed into a spectacular garden; you just need the right team to work on it. At SEL we have over 20 years of experience and we pride ourselves on being such a team, able to convert your garden landscaping ideas into a place of your dreams. Our team of landscape experts will work to surprise you with astonishing results uniquely tailored to your style, budget and special requests you might have.

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Costs of Landscape Edging

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The money that goes into your edging installation will vary with your choice of materials. Repurposed stones could be a free option at times, whereas high-quality tile and brick may add up in cost.

If you’re particularly interested in utilizing an expensive material, you may want to incorporate it in a balanced manner that considers both appearance and value. You can focus particular elements in central focus areas of your lawn and garden and mix in other options elsewhere. Of course, if you want to dream big, don’t let anything stop you.

Installation costs are also relevant, although SEL seeks to provide the best value in the business consistently. Expert installation services allow for seamless integration of different and challenging materials.

The use of professional equipment can help achieve particular delicate looks and patterns in installations, as well as easing and expediting the process in general.

Types of Landscape Edging

Thanks to the varied selection of possibilities for landscape edging materials, we’re confident that there’s an option to best suit your home, lawn, and price point. 

Aluminum Garden Edging

Concrete Garden Edging

Timber Garden Edging

We are experienced

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If you want to have the garden of your dreams, or looking for some ideas on how to upgrade your front yard, backyard or garden, please contact us at South-East Landscaping, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied. We are happy to hear about your needs, and we will do our best to fulfil your landscape dream and exceed your expectations.

Perfect communication, design and service! We are very happy with the guys and what they’ve created in our backyard! Will definitely recommend using South East Landscaping to everyone! Great work! Trish & Jim

Unbelievable creativity and delivery – I have no words – Just stunning work! Very impressed and love our new front yard. Anthony L.

Great services from the guys at SEL. They were proactive in getting in touch with me and offered ideas and solutions throughout the entire project. There’s no way I could’ve done all of this myself and I am very thankful I called them! Robert T.

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