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When you need high-quality driveway edging services on the Mornington Peninsula, the first place you should look is South East Landscaping. With industry-leading construction, consultation, and design for all driveway edging services, we have a history of clients fully satisfied with the work that we do. Selecting SEL for your driveway edging needs is the best way to ensure that you’ll end up with the driveway of your dreams. Our landscapers have the knowledge and experience to fulfil and surpass all of your expectations.

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Expert Driveway Edging Design & Installation, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Driveway edging design is a place to think big, and we’re always excited when our clients bring ideas and concepts to us that reflect that attitude. Our experts match their years of experience with the flexibility and adaptability to take on any design and bring it to life beautifully and realistically. We’ve found more and more homeowners to be interested in the possibilities of feature edging, and we’d like to bring that excitement to as many customers as possible.

It’s common to encounter problems with your driveway’s edges.

Rain can wash away mulch, or cars can leave tracks on your grass. Issues like these can be avoided with modern, high-quality driveway edging. Australian standards of driveway edging were first adopted in the colonial era, but although the same beautiful class principles remain, the possibilities and standards are now better than ever.

As time has gone on, more and more driveway edges have featured intricate designs. Finding a unique driveway edging option is one of the best ways to make your home stand out and express your individuality. It would be best if you thought about the exterior of your own house when selecting a material for edging, and it might also benefit your yard to consider matching that edging in your garden, lawn, or any pathways in it.

What is Driveway Edging?

The core of driveway edging is the formation of an edge on your driveway’s borders to protect it adequately. High-quality edging is a fast track to making your driveway more durable and sustainable for years to come.

In the past, most driveway edging was accomplished with Belgian blocks. Now, you can still employ this great option, but there are also many other choices at your disposal. 

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Among the most common types of driveway edging are:

  • Concrete Driveway Edging

Using concrete in your edging designs can help set loose elements in place, saving you time and trouble in the long run.

  • Steel Driveway Edging

Steel is a modern option that blends high durability utilitarianism with a clean, modern look. Availability in a variety of thickness options, steel edging, provides long-term strength and rigidity.

  • Brick and Paver Driveway Edging

The right choice of bricks can be the perfect way to match and accentuate the design of your home. Bricks can be laid side-by-side or end-to-end in edging installations.

  • Stone Driveway Edging

Stone is usually a premium option for driveway edging that stands out for its uniqueness in any neighbourhood. It can be an excellent choice for period homes or unique landscape designs and offer attractive options in colour and shape.

  • Timber Driveway Edging

When high-quality wood is selected, timber edging is an excellent option for consistent curves in your driveway edging. Using treated pine chosen to the highest standard, we anchor our installations properly to prevent any movement over time. Timber edging is also great for your lawn and the environment.

  • Rounded Edge Stamp

Rounded edging is a method possible without the usage of additional materials. Instead, an edge stamping tool is utilised to round and compress the driveway edging. Without the utilisation of any other components, rounded edge stamping doesn’t always offer the same premiere level of durability as some alternative options. However, it should still prove reliable for years to come. We’re confident that our rounded edging will last.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Driveway Edging

 Proper driveway edging brings with it nothing but benefits, but there are still some possible pitfalls in design or installation that you should know to avoid. Using paver edgings more prominent than 15 x 22 cm is more likely to cause damage to your curb appeal rather than enhancing it.

Likewise, patterns in driveway edging should be subtle, not obnoxious. Too much is too much. When you’re working with a narrow driveway, considering concrete to plant your bricks in can save you trouble in the long run. This way, you won’t have to re-edge areas that you do end up accidentally driving on. In the case of a driveway with loose stone or gravel, steel edging will usually be your best bet for efficient and stylish containment.

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Benefits of Driveway Edging

With an understanding of fundamental choices for driveway edging in place, you can also appreciate many of the benefits that driveway edging offers.

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Driveway Protection

Unsurprisingly, edging serves as excellent protection for your driveway. If you used pavers for an attractive driveway design, edging would help prevent those from moving out of place. For traditional concrete and asphalt driveways, edging is an excellent preventative against chipping and cracking that’s costly to repair. Edging also assists with prohibiting the growth of roots and grass in the edges of your driveway, which can cause problems down the road without you ever realizing that any danger is brewing. 

Reduction in Maintenance

As fun as it can be to spend time outside, that time is usually more enjoyable when you’re relaxing with your family, not doing the physical labour of maintenance. Driveway edging installations save you time and effort in the future. Edging your driveway’s borders without a proper installation requires the repeated use of a shovel or hoe to keep the area adequately maintained. Our work can put that effort to rest forever, and you’ll quickly find yourself appreciating the absence of that necessarily labour.

Improved Landscape Planning

When you consider landscaping opportunities around your home, driveway edging can be a significant first step to lining out your visual look and giving it clarity and distinction. Edging defines barriers and shapes in your driveway and lawn, giving you a heightened sense of understanding of the geometry that you have available, and aesthetically complementing the possibilities for your design.

Easier Parking

Irregular driveway shapes can often cause difficulty in navigation and parking. Although a circular pattern or a unique twist can look attractive and sometimes prove necessary thanks to the topography of a yard, that doesn’t make it any easier for visitors to follow. Driveway edging can take away a lot of that confusion, creating clear visual lines to utilize when the shape of a driveway is unclear. 

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Lawn Protection

In addition to securing the future of your driveway itself, edging can even often benefit to the rest of your yard. The visible barrier created by edging helps prevent visitors to your home to stay off the grass without the need for any ugly signs or unattractive physical obstacles.  Likewise, the distinction offered by edging assists in the prevention of vehicles crossing over into your lawn and tearing up your grass and sod by accident. 

Erosion Prevention

Another great benefit that driveway edging can hold for your lawn is the maintenance of your soil, mulch, and any plants near your driveway. Having a firm barrier is a significant step to prevent the erosion of your lawn with rain or inclement weather. Likewise, you won’t find as much mud making its way into your driveway after heavy rain or storms throughout the year.

Increased Home Value

If selling your home is a possibility anywhere down the line, attractive driveway edging will always end up paying you back. People want to move into homes with attractive exteriors, and high-quality edging is one great way to maintain that look. A beautiful installation could quickly bring you more value and less difficulty in obtaining a high asking price when the time comes. 

Boosting Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of a house is a value that can’t be underestimated. When you look at your home from across the street, you should be impressed, even when you take away the influence of your natural affection for it. Driveway edging is a great way to boost curb appeal for any visitors and create an impression of distinct design and quality. 

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