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At South East Landscaping, we are specialists in landscape architecture, ecoscaping and construction. We provide our clients with the highest quality service in both hard and soft landscaping, garden design, consultation, and construction. When you decide to choose SEL for helping you make the perfect garden space for your property, we promise that you will be in good hands with our landscapers!

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Landscaping| Mornington Peninsula

The journey with us starts with a detailed and accurate design of all the elements that should be included in your project to make it suitable for your lifestyle and your taste. We believe in the importance of diligent planning to aid better decision making. After taking into consideration your requirements, our specialised team will take care of driving the creative direction and ensuring the best result possible.

Thanks to the consistent top-quality landscaping design and ideas we provide to our clients and to our incredible results that tend to exceed our customers’ expectations, we had been able to build an excellent reputation. Today, SEL is one of the leading landscape and garden design businesses on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Phases we will go through together in the process of delivering you the landscape of your dreams.

Garden creek landscaping job on the Mornington Peninsula
Stone creek with water - Landscaping job - Mornington Peninsula

Landscape Consulting | Mornington Peninsula

Landscaping consultation plan Mornington Peninsula

To assist you in the designing process for your outdoor space, we provide a landscape consulting service. At this stage, we will have a site meeting and discuss your requests as well as assess the current situation of the project.

You can work out which plants work best for your garden idea, receive tips and tricks to shape your landscaping design into a beautiful garden that suits your taste and lifestyle. After this first meeting, we will be able to come up with a design which you’ll be able to adjust to suit your needs.

Some of the topics covered in the consultancy process include:

Plant Selection: what are the best plants, and why?

Plant problems and how to solve them?

Garden bed rejuvenation



Stone Selection and Paving Options

Retaining Walls

Turf Selections

Ornamental or Productive Plants?

Landscape Design |

Mornington Peninsula

Designing a landscaping project on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Design concept – a plan view design which we will explain to you in detail and propose planting options, material selections and image mood board.

Our mission is to come up with a landscape design that ultimately satisfies our clients under all aspects. Our expertise spans from residential and commercial landscape renovation and reconstruction to designing gardens and outdoor spaces to enhance the beauty of your existing property.

We take proper care and attention to details, including the combination of smells, sensitivity to space and light as well as sights.

During our design process, we will create concept plans which we will review together, use computer-aided drawing for improved precision as well as hand-drafting. We will also take care of all of your building permits so that you won’t have to worry about anything at all. We will ensure that the design of your garden will be in synergy with that of your home, but also with your style.

Landscape Construction| Mornington Peninsula 

Landscape construction plan Mornington Peninsula

When we created South East Landscaping, we thought about the importance of having an experienced team of landscapers with a wide range of skills, able to assist customers from the design to the construction. Our team is not only made of expert landscapers but also by professionals in masonry, carpeting, plumbing and concreting, among other skills. With such a complete expert team, we ensure exceptional levels of quality throughout the process, from designing to installation. No matter the type of landscaping ideas you may have, at SEL, you will find the right team to fulfil your dreams. Our outstanding customer services and consistent quality performances are guarantees that you’ll get value for money when deciding to rely on our service.

After having agreed on the design concept, landscape construction can finally take place. The plan will be converted into drawings to be used for the construction process to begin.

Creating The Landscape of Your Dreams

We know that every outdoor space can be transformed into a spectacular garden; you just need the right team to work on it. At SEL we have over 20 years of experience and we pride ourselves on being such a team, able to convert your garden landscaping ideas into a place of your dreams. Our team of landscape experts will work to surprise you with astonishing results uniquely tailored to your style, budget and special requests you might have.

Our services are not limited to the planning phase. We take care of everything, from the consultation to the final construction, so we can guarantee high-quality service at every stage. Because of our unrivalled performance in the field of garden design, at South East Landscaping, we have managed to differentiate ourselves from the competition as a reputable, trustworthy and highly professional company. We have worked with different types of clients and accumulated extensive experience. From TV shows contestants to property investors and local families, we know precisely how to provide the best service and satisfy our clients.

High Quality, Ethically Sourced Materials

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Honest Prices

Over 20 years Of Experience

Expert Landscapers | Mornington Peninsula 

We believe in the significant difference that well-designed landscapes can provide you in terms of the value of your property. Not only you’ll add beauty to your household for you and your family’s enjoyment, but you’ll also increase the value of your property. We will take care of the garden ideas & design, as well as construction and the selection of the appropriate materials and plants and you will be part of the process from start to finish. We want our customers to be satisfied, and we aim at exceeding their expectations, always, while delivering the maximum value possible. No matter what type of front yard or backyard landscaping idea you may have, our team of landscaping industry experts will transform your yard or tiny green space into the perfect garden. We know how hard it can be dealing with different companies for different services, which is why we want you to leave it to us for everything you need for your garden.  We are proud to say that our services are versatile and various: from general backyard landscaping services, laying down premium synthetic turf, building pergolas and carports, to sourcing and providing high-quality supplies to our customers, South East Landscaping will help you in creating the landscape of your dreams. 

Landscaping Services | Mornington Peninsula

We are proud to deliver customised landscaping ideas to our clients, tailored to their specific requests, styles and their outdoor spaces. We provide the highest-quality service following your budget and will assist you in the landscaping process from planning to construction. After the consultation phase and the design, we take care of the construction phase, both for hard and soft landscaping services on the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas. 

Soft Landscaping |
Mornington Peninsula

Soft landscaping solutions deal with the site and microclimate, intending to adapt your garden to the levels of maintenance and your aesthetic needs as well to your needs. It includes:

Trees selection and planting

Wildflowers, seeding, and bulbs


Turf & Grass Installation 

Vertical living gardens

Courtyard gardens

Small Space Gardens

Shrubs, perennials, herbaceous planting

Hard Landscaping |
Mornington Peninsula

Hard landscaping and construction will form the template of your final garden design, which is why it is essential to get it right from the beginning for better and longer-lasting results. Hard landscaping includes:

Outdoor deck and turf laying on the Mornington Peninsula
Outdoor patio job with turf - Mornington Peninsula
Beautiful completed outdoor patio on the Mornington Peninsula
Outdoor fountain and gravel stones project - Mornington
Driveway with stones and plants landscaping job - Mornington Peninsula

We are experienced

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If you want to have the garden of your dreams, or looking for some ideas on how to upgrade your front yard, backyard or garden, please contact us at South-East Landscaping, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied. We are happy to hear about your needs, and we will do our best to fulfil your landscape dream and exceed your expectations.

Perfect communication, design and service! We are very happy with the guys and what they’ve created in our backyard! Will definitely recommend using South East Landscaping to everyone! Great work! Trish & Jim

Unbelievable creativity and delivery – I have no words – Just stunning work! Very impressed and love our new front yard. Anthony L.

Great services from the guys at SEL. They were proactive in getting in touch with me and offered ideas and solutions throughout the entire project. There’s no way I could’ve done all of this myself and I am very thankful I called them! Robert T.

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